Top Tricep Exercises

The best tricep exercises for building and sculpting the triceps. Top tricep workouts.

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For sculpted triceps

Cable Pressdowns

Works the entire tricep through a full range of motion. This is a tricep exercise that you can experiment with. You can do these with an underhand or an overhand grip to add variety.

Builds the tricep muscle

One arm cable reverse pressdowns

For isolation. Helps shape the triceps for that horseshoe. The horseshoe is decribing a line that develops behind the arm that's shaped like a U. One arm cable reverse will help with that.

Effective tricep exercise


For tricep thickness. Adds mass to the triceps. Dips are an exercise for the tricep muscle, but also works the shoulder and the chest muscles.

An isolation exercise for the triceps

Dumbbell kickbacks

Upper area of the triceps. This is an effective tricep isolation exercise that does not require you to use much weight at all. It's best to do dumbbell kickbacks at the end of your workouts, to exhaust the tricep muscle further.

Build mass. Bodybuilding exercises.

Seated tricep presses

Works the entire tricep muscle. When doing seated tricep presses, there's a few things to keep in mind: Try keeping your elbows inward so that it places more pressure on the tricep muscle and less on the shoulder muscle. You won't need much weight with this exercise. Use a lighter weight, and use slow controlled form.

Compound exercises

Close grip presses

Works the entire tricep muscle. One thing to remember when doing close grip presses is to try to keep your elbows inline with the bar otherwise this becomes a chest exercise. Also, fully extend the arm at the top of this exercise to fully involve the tricep muscle.

shape your tricep

Lying dumbbell extensions

Works the entire tricep muscle. This may not look like much, but this is an exercise that will build your triceps with the least amount of weight. This works the triceps exclusively.

isolation tricep movement

One arm tricep extensions

Works the entire tricep muscle.

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