Tricep Workouts
For Strong Sculpted Arms

Tricep workouts and basic weight lifting exercises for strong sculpted triceps.

  • Bench dips.

    Step 1. Prop your feet up on a bench and do the same for your hands. With your hands positioned behind your body, begin to lower your body as low as possible.

    Step 2. Push back up fully locking the elbow and contracting the tricep as much as you can.

    Step 3. Keep a nice steady pace with this one, you'll build some nice looking arms with this. This is one of my favorite tricep workouts.


  • Lying tricep extensions.

    Step 1. Use a barbell or dumbbells. Hold the weight directly above yourself like a bench press. Keep your arms fully extended at the top.

    Step 2. The only part of the arm that should be moving, is the elbow bending the forearm back until the weight reaches the lower part of the movement. Just bend at the elbow, until the bar comes all the way down near the face.

    Step 3. Lift the weight back up, keep your arms in the same position, and tighten the tricep muscle at the top of the movement.


  • Seated overhead tricep extensions.

    Step 1. With an EZ-Bar or a regular barbell, position your hands close together. Bring the weight up over your head.

    Step 2. Lower the weight behind your head by bending at the elbow. Try to keep your elbows pointing in front of you as much as possible. Lower the weight as far as you can, then push back up again, fully contracting the triceps.


  • One arm overhead extension.

    Step 1. Grab a dumbbell, and do the same thing that you did above, but this time with only one arm.

    Step 2. With your palms facing away, begin to lower the dumbbell to the center area of the back, while keeping your elbow pointing toward the ceiling.

  • Close grip press

    Step 1. Use a barbell or an EZ-bar. Position yourself just like a standard flat bench press position.

    Step 2. Bring your hands close together and begin pressing the weight up just like a bench press. Fully lockout at the top, to fully contract the triceps.


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