Uneven Chest Muscles

by Ash

Uneven chest muscle, and the solution for making the muscles even...

Hi, I'm a 24yr old male and have been going to the gym now for about a year and a half.

I have a good routine, I train 5 days a week with two days rest, and I train each muscle group at a time, legs on monday, chest on tuesday etc...

But my main concern is that I notice that my left chest muscle is more worked than my right chest muscle, so my left pec is slightly bigger and more worked than my right pec for some reason.

My chest work out consists of flat bench press (2 warm up sets and then 3 work sets) incline press (3 sets) decline bench press (3 sets) flat bench flys (3 sets) and incline flys (3 sets).

I take a pre-workout supplement (animal pump) and drink gold standard whey protein after my work out.

My question to you is: How can I get my chest muscles worked the same so that they look symmetrical and also both feel equally worked?

I would be really grateful if you would please get back to me regarding my question it would really be a big help.

Answer: This is a really common problem.

Here are a few things that you can try to make it so that the chest is symmetrical, and so that one side is not bigger and stronger than the other side:

Have someone monitor, or watch over you, as you perform your chest workout sets.

Ask them how your form looks.

See if the bar is inline over the chest, and that the weight is distributed evenly across the chest.

Also, see if the barbell or dumbbells are both coming up at an equal distance from the chest when the contraction is at its full distance from the pectoral region.

It's good to have someone watch over your performance.

Subsequent to this, continue bringing along a workout partner to assist in making sure that the bar, in which you lift, is at a symmetrical value, during the duration of repetitions.

AKA, bring a workout partner to make sure you are lifting properly.

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