Can A Vegetarian Bodybuilder Build Muscle Effectively?

Can a vegetarian bodybuilder put on muscle just as well as a bodybuilder who eats meat? What's in the meat you're eating? What kinds of vegetarians are there? Natural Bodybuilders and Vegetarianism.

Someone once said, that there's just no way a vegetarian bodybuilder could possibly put on muscle mass without eating big hearty meals like steak and chicken breasts along side those huge meals.

That the best way to get protein is to eat meat! Well of course someone who loves these dishes WOULD say this... But is it true?

You will see bodybuilders loading their carts with meat products in an attempt to get as much protein in their diets as possible, spending hundreds of dollars per week... But is it really necessary?

We had to put this to the test, and see exactly what would happen if we got rid of all meat products, and consumed mainly whey, eggs, and other traditional organic foods that were non-meat sources and higher up in protein, to see if we could continue putting on muscle mass the way we did when eating meat products.

Can a vegetarian bodybuilder put on muscle just as well as a bodybuilder who eats meat?

The answer is yes! And not only can a vegetarian bodybuilder put on muscle just as well as a person who eats meat, but the vegetarian bodybuilder will feel so much healthier!

Let's take a closer look and see why you may feel healthier and more energetic when excluding animal flesh from your diet.

Meat, particularly non-organic meat, is pumped full of un-natural hormones to make the animals grow faster. These hormones are not healthy for the animals, and make them sick.

The thyroid and/or other essential glands in these animals are barely functional. The animals are fed things not typical of their natural diet, namely GM foods. They are kept in close confined quarters with little if any access to sunlight and fresh air.

How does this translate for you?

Well, no sunlight means low nutrient levels. Confined quarters means there is lots of room for diseases. Also little to no movement again means lots of unhealthy toxic fat stores, that you would be ingesting.

If they eat GMO foods and rotting animal parts, then so do you. GM soy + GM corn equals a recipe to shut down the thyroid. Theirs first, then yours, after consuming this kind of meat.

Between the pesticide consumption, the estrogen pumped in, and the loads of antibiotic shots, it's safe to say that this is meant to make the animals grow faster, and die quickly... and indeed they do.

Well because these animals lack the basic nutrients, lack exercise, and have lots of unhealthy fat stores, then they have no means for detoxification. So all that junk is shoved into the fat stores first, then the muscle tissue, and of course the organs. Then guess what, that's what you eat!

Every vegetarian has their reasons for not eating meat, but if you want a really good reason to stay away from meat, the above on its own should be enough.

For the vegetarian bodybuilder, you have plenty of options for protein sources... But there are different varieties of vegetarians, let's take a closer look:

Macrobiotic diets - They eat mainly whole grains and beans - Vegetarian natural bodybuilders can obtain a lot of protein from beans.

Jain vegetarianism - They consume dairy, but will not consume eggs, honey, or root vegetables. Jain vegetarian bodybuilders will get more than enough protein from dairy. This means Jain vegetarian bodybuilders can consume whey protein, yogurt, cottage cheese... All great sources of protein.

Buddhist vegetarianism - They eat no animal products, and no vegetables in the allium family. The Buddhist vegetarian bodybuilder may find it difficult to get their protein requirements, because most of their food is comprised of carbohydrates.

Fruitarianism - They eat only fruits, seeds, nuts, and any plant that can be gathered without harming it. Mixing seed, nuts and vegetables will be just enough to get enough protein for the fruitarian bodybuilder.

Raw veganism - They eat only raw uncooked fruits, vegetables, seeds, and nuts.

Veganism - They will not eat any form of animal product, and may also not use any products that test on animals, or are made out of animals.

Vegetarianism - They have a plant based diet, and some eat eggs, dairy, but do not eat meat products, such as poultry, red meats, etc..

Ovo-lacto vegetarianism - They include animal products such as dairy, eggs, and honey in their diet, but not animal flesh.

Lacto vegetarianism - They consume dairy products, but not eggs. Lot's of food choices high in protein for the Lacto vegetarian natural bodybuilder.

Ovo vegetarianism - They include eggs in their diet, but not dairy. Eggs are said to be the best protein source, so Ovo vegetarians will have no problem getting their protein requirements.

So while there are a variety of vegetarian bodybuilders, the one thing they all have in common is that none of them eat meat. However, your food choices will vary as you will see above.

The ovo-lacto vegetarian will have the most food selections to choose from. A diet rich in egg protein and whey will make it very easy for you to get your daily protein requirements.

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