Water Consumption
And How Much Is Enough?

Water Consumption For Muscle Building and Bodybuilding

Learn how much water to drink through out the day.

Water consumption is very important. We recommend more than the typical 8 cups a day, especially if you're very active like a bodybuilder.

How much water is in the muscles? Over 75% of the muscles is comprised of water!

Try aiming for at least around 1 gallon of water a day.

If you fill 1 gallon with fresh pure water, and drink that through the course of the day, you will ensure your body that it is getting enough. Water consumption is especially important if you're supplementing with Creatine.

You should always get plenty of fluids when taking creatine, because creatine has a tendency to dehydrate the body, if not properly hydrated.

Water retention

Sometimes when people are dehydrated, their bodies tend to retain water, and this gives the body an appearance of fat gain, when in fact, all it is, is retained water.

What causes water retention?

  • Not getting enough water.

  • Consuming foods with a high sodium content.

  • Consuming too much creatine, without cycling off.

  • Not getting enough Potassium.

    Foods that contain high levels of salt or sodium, are going to be detrimental to your physical health.

    If you do eat a lot of salty foods, just make sure to get a lot of water and try to consume foods high in potassium.

    Foods High in potassium

  • Raisins - Really good source.

  • Potatoes - Extremely good source.

  • All fruits and Vegetables.

    When I say water, I mean fresh pure water, with nothing added to it.

    So there you go, just another tip to help improve your health and your muscle building experience.

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