Weight Gain Tips For The Skinny Guy

The best weight gain tips! Do you have trouble putting on mass or gaining weight? We'll give you the top muscle building tips to gain mass, and put that weight on!

How to gain weight fast. Your muscle building, and weight gain tips guide.

Workout with heavier weight.
Can you lift it more than 8 times? Increase the weight.

Cut the cardio.
Too much activity forces more calories burned. Since you want to gain weight fast, well, here's your dream come true... Eat a lot, and don't move much.

Eat up!
Consume High fatty foods (preferably nothing deep fried), protein rich foods, and foods high in carbohydrates when trying gain weight fast.

Do mass builder exercises.
Dead lifting, squats, barbell bench pressing, bent over barbell rows, shoulder presses... These are great mass building, weight gaining exercises. Include them in your workouts to gain weight.

Workout first thing in the morning, yeah? or neah?
Hmm, how about waiting after you've had a couple calorie rich meals. You will need the extra energy when lifting those heavy weights!

Have a spotter?

A workout partner comes in handy when wanting to force out a couple extra reps. This forces those muscles to work a littler harder in those short intense workouts.

Did anyone say creatine?
Yes they did. We know, it's old school, but guess what? It helps with mass! Go get some!

Are you working out longer than 45 minutes?
Stop! If you want to gain weight, and get those huge muscles, short workouts that call for high demand, is the way to go.

Don't be shy, you BEAST
Grunt, yell, what ever it takes to get that weight up... Sometimes you have to release that energy. You may annoy someone at the gym, but let's face it, if you're working out in the right gym, or right atmosphere, people will expect it. Hey this isn't supposed to be a Sunday Morning Tea party. They'll get over it.

Post workout meals

Eat after your workouts. Not an hour later, not 30 minutes later, immediately afterward. Take advantage of that insulin spike, and feed those muscles with high protein, high carbohydrate meals. Your muscles will soak all of that up during this insulin spike.

Free weights or machines?
That's easy, free weights hands down! You've heard it before, dumbbells and barbells, yea yea yea, but hey, it gets the job done.

Let's break this down.
When trying to gain weight, you have got to lift heavier for a shorter amount of time, and consume more food, that's the bottom line to this. That's every weight lifters dream, is it not?

It almost feels like this is "The lazy guide to building muscle".

This IS NOT the strategy for everyone. This is for the skinny guy with a fast metabolism who wants to build muscle and gain weight faster.

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