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Weight lifting basics and Bodybuilding techniques continued...

For each one of these body parts such as right below, try doing about 4 movements for each. For example: right below you'll notice that we've paired Chest and back together. What this means is you would work these two body parts doing 4 exercise movements for each. 4 movements for the chest, 4 movements for the back.

A basic routine could look like this: (Demonstration purposes only)

Day 1- Chest- Back

Day 2- Off

Day 3- Triceps- Biceps- Abs

Day 4- Off

Day 5- Shoulders- Calves

Day 6- Off

Day 7- Legs- Abs



Or you could do a routine that looked like this:

Day 1- Chest- Triceps

Day 2- Legs- Abs

Day 3- Off

Day 4- Back- Bicep

Day 5- Off

Day 6- Shoulder- Abs

Day 7- Off


The point here is that there are a number of routines that you could do, and no one should ever subject themselves to only ONE WAY. Rather, you should explore a variety of possible routines and decide which one actually works the best, and feels physically and mentally satisfying.

Routines are meant to be adjusted, analyzed, then re-adjusted to fit your personal needs. No two people are ever exactly the same.

However, the fundamentals of bodybuilding techniques are applicable for every person attempting to be in better shape.

These methods are tried and proven. If you follow what you've reading here, you'll be very surprised with the kind of results you can gain.

Remember, by understanding the few basic principles, and the few bodybuilding techniques found on this site, there is no reason why you can’t build your own routine that’s personalized for what your body wants and feels the most.

The most important principle, and bodybuilding technique of them all, is to be happy and stress free.

So make your weightlifting experience personally satisfying, and explore your endless options. Never limit yourself to only one method.

When we say "bodybuilding techniques" we're not necessarily suggesting that ONLY a professional bodybuilder who competes is going to benefit from these techniques.

What we're in fact suggesting, is that anyone interested in getting in shape WILL benefit from the techniques listed on this page, and on this site.

You can call it bodybuilding, fitness, working out, whatever suites you the most...

We refer to it as bodybuilding, in the sense that you're building your own body and health...

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