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Weight Lifting Basics

Weight lifting basics and Bodybuilding techniques for hard gainers, teen body builders, and anyone looking to learn how to build muscle. Increase muscle mass by using these basic muscle building techniques.

This guide will teach the beginner some basics to training effectively.

step by step

Weight lifting basics and bodybuilding techniques that will help deliver those results faster!

Remember Change your workout program every few weeks. This allows your body to experience intense contractions from different angles, and will ultimately enhance your physical development.

Now, there are many ways to train, and there are many strategies that DO provide great muscle building results, but we’re going to teach you how you can build your own workout routine using these effective weight lifting basics. Here’s what you’ll need to know...

Basic weight lifting principles, and muscle building tips

1. Make sure you breathe deep when performing your reps. Don't hold your breath.

2. 60 minutes of weight training is perfect for all body types who are looking to build muscle.

3. Don’t rest longer than 2 minutes between each set. You don't want long rests! The idea to building muscle, is to add as much intensity as possible, and short rests are a very good way for adding that intensity that you're looking for.

4. Your repetitions should be controlled, using a weight that allows you no more than 12 repetitions for your first set.

5. Each repetition should take anywhere between 1 and 3 seconds to move upward, then 1 to 3 seconds moving in the downward motion.

6. Control the weight, don’t let it control you.

7. Feel, and concentrate on the muscle that you are attempting to work. This will allow for better muscle contraction.
It takes good concentration to fully engage the particular muscle group that you're working.

8. Go for a full controlled range of motion - feel the muscle stretch.

9. You really don’t need anything more than 4 sets for each exercise movement.

10. Train every body part at least every 7 days. (If your objective is to build lean muscle.)

11. Never workout every day. You must take days off to recuperate. Recuperation is the process in which your muscles can heal and repair them self. Without recuperation or a day off following training, you'll only keep breaking down muscle tissue, thus losing muscle size.

12. Train every other day or, two days on, one day off.

13. It’s good to train two body parts in a single day. Or pairing two together in a 60 min time period that consists of at least four exercises for each body part. Which would mean little time to rest in that 60 minutes.

14. The easiest way to perform your sets, is to basically do no more than 12 reps for the first set, and allow that number to dwindle downward, for example: 12-10-8-6.
Or, 10-8-6-4. Basically, your muscles will naturally weaken as you progress through your sets, and the number of repetitions that follow will dwindle down in numbers for that particular movement, with THAT particular weight.

Repetitions This means, how many times you moved. For example.. if you did 10 push-ups, that would be 10 repetitions.

Sets If you did 10 push-ups then rested, those 10 push-ups as a whole, would be considered 1 set. 1 set of 10 repetitions.

As a simple guide line, it's recommend to do about 4 sets for each exercise.
For example: Flat bench 4x. Decline bench press 4x. See? It's pretty simple.

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