Weight Lifting For Runners

Weight lifting for runners. Build muscle and continue running!

Okay, so you're a runner, and you want to know how to mix in weight lifting for the best results? Not a problem. Read this whole page, as you will discover tips to help you build muscle!

We will discuss weight lifting for runners. How to incorporate weight lifting in with your schedule, and still build muscle, all while being able to continue running.

As you may already know... running and jogging, will force the body to expend a great amount of energy in order to be able to actually perform the task.

Having said that, this energy that you expend while running, is fuel that could have been used for (for the lack of better words) the building process of the muscles... But don't fret...

You can add your weight-lifting, in with your vigorous cardio, and build muscle to a great degree while doing so.

The performance factor:

You want to be able to continue running. Maybe you like the way it makes you feel... Maybe it's a normal part of your day, and it's something you've been doing for years.

You notice the difficulties of adding weight, or adding muscle volume to your physique.

It's obviously incredibly difficult to add weight to your body, if the process of cardio is a daily occurrence.

So you may think, that the additional training from weight-lifting, could only create even more of a calorie deficit, making it even more difficult to put on muscle-weight.

And on top of that, the weight training may create full body fatigue, due to the exhaustion from both running, and weight lifting.

The solution:

Continue running. If you enjoy running every day, then keep running every day.

If you'd rather run every other day, then do that. Either one is okay.

But, make sure you are putting the right nutrients back into your body after every run.

1. Carbs - Fruits.

2. Protiens - Whey protein isolate, or whole eggs/or just the whites.

3. Fats - Take a flax oil supplement.

4. Multi-Vitamin.

5. A beverage containing electrolytes.

Combining weight lifting and cardio:

First and foremost, if you do decide to do cardio/running on the same day that you do your weight-lifting, make sure you are doing your weight lifting first. When your weight lifting is completed, you may then move on to your cardio.

So this is how it would look:

1. Short 10 min warm up (maybe a short walk), just something to get the blood flowing.

2. A weight-lifting session.

3. Cardio.

Weight lifting for runners: How often to lift weights?

If running, jogging, or any form of activity that can be put into the category of cardiovascular exercise, is your main source of exercise, and if you have the objective of putting muscle mass on, along side your daily running... well your best option for putting on the most muscle, would be to NOT train anything more than twice a week (with weights).

1. Continue doing your running every day, or every other day.

2. Do your weight lifting infrequently (once or twice a week).

Targeting the most muscles:

You are running very often, so we don't want to expend any more energy than what we absolutely have to.

We want to put as much stress on the muscle as we can, with the least amount of time spent doing so.

This means, we want full muscular contraction, in as little time as possible.

The best exercises that will incorporate the most muscles within a single action, within a single motion, are as followed:

Workout #1:

Dead-lifts: 1 set of 8 - 10 reps
Incline dumbbell press: 1 set of 10 reps.
Parallel bar dips: 1 set of 10 reps
Decline sit-ups: Go to complete failure

(Workout #1 and Workout #2, must be performed on separate days)

Workout #2:

Squats: 1 set 8 - 15 reps
Pull-ups: 1 set 8 - 12 reps
Military Press: 1 set 8 - 12 reps

You can do these workouts twice a week, or do the workouts once a week.

Let's look at two possible options:

Weight lifting for runners - Option 1 - Train with weights every 7 days:

In option number 1, you'd do workout #1, you'd then wait a week, and then do workout #2. So if you worked out on Monday, you wouldn't workout again with weights, until the next Monday, but you would continue doing your running just like normal.

With this style, you can still do your running, AND build muscle. Too much running along side several days of weight lifting, will not help you build muscle. You would create too much of a deficit.

Weight lifting for runners - Option 2 - Train with weights twice a week:

Pick 2 days a week to do your training, along side your running. Be sure to NOT do your muscle building training 2 days in a row. You need adequate recovery time between workout days.

Important points:

The more cardio and running you do, the less weight lifting and/or strenuous muscle building exercises should be done.

1. The more often you run, the less often weights should be performed.

2. Multiple sets per exercise, creates a negative factor in the building process.

3. To make 1 set per exercise as effective a possible, slow the movement down, by using a 4-2-4 tempo (4 seconds up, 2 second pause, 4 seconds down).

4. Eat! Running forces a lot of calories to be burned. If you are wanting to build muscle, train less with weights, and eat more! (And eat healthy of course).

Weight lifting for runners: And More Cardio Tips.

Train with weights infrequently, but intensify every repetition.

Do 1 set exercises.

Use slow controlled form.

Train with weights before cardio.

Replenish the body after workouts.

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