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This weight lifting guide offers weight lifting tips for your weight training system. We help you build muscle and we teach you all you will ever need to know to pack on muscle mass.

I weight train every day, is this over training?

It could be, depending on how long you do it for, and what your experience level is. If you're new to weight lifting and bodybuilding, rest and recuperation days are very important. If you're experienced with natural bodybuilding and weight lifting, training every day 'for a short period of time' could be okay to change things up once and a while, but would not be good to do day after day because the body does require time off to properly recover and build new muscle.

Sometimes I can't lift as much on certain weeks or on certain days, is it because I'm losing muscle?

Not necessarily. It could be that your body is resisting and you should therefore change something in your routine. Or it could be your muscles are requiring more recovery time... Or even possibly they're not getting the right nutrition or aren't fueled properly to handle the workout. It varies... Change things up. Don't miss this weight lifting guide to confuse your muscles into new growth

How to break through a plateau?

Occasionally do intuitive workouts, where you just workout based on what you 'feel like doing' rather than sticking to what's written. This is a good way to make your workouts fun. And if it's fun, chances are you'll stick with it. A lot of people get to reading and begin feeling too restricted because they want to follow a specific plan, but workout plans can be modified. To get through a plateau try these Weight Lifting Techniques

Proper breathing when working out...

Don't hold your breath. Breathe naturally. Typically you will see weight lifters breathe out when pushing the weight away from their body, this allows for more explosiveness and is done with pressing exercises like bench presses. Weight lifting guide on the 10 Weight Lifting Mistakes to avoid.

How long should I workout for? How long should my workouts be?

Workout time length will change day after day... week after week. Some days you may go 30 minutes at high intensity, some days you may go 40 minutes of moderate intensity, some workouts last 60 minutes... it really won't matter. For the most part weight lifters who have the goal of building more muscle, typically stick with a workout of 45 minutes to 60 minutes. If you push yourself hard enough this will be plenty. For more weight lifting basics check out this 2 Page Weight Lifting Basics page

What's so good about squats and deadlifts?

They shock your nervous system, and require several muscles to push the weight. This releases a good amount of testosterone in the body. Higher testosterone helps with muscle building. Some people are a gifted with the mesomorph body type (which is the body type that builds muscle quite easily) and would disagree, because they can practically build a solid body from curling egg cartons, but for the other 95% of the natural bodybuilders, we have to work a little harder. Squats and deadlifts are worth trying and experimenting with. Here are some Workout accessories to help with your workouts

So many mixed opinion about how to build muscle...

John says, "The burgers here are great", David says "No they're not, this food sucks". Solution? Take a bite for yourself, problem solved.

Which is better for muscle and strength gains: Cable exercises, machine exercises, or free weights?

Free weights of course. Nothing replaces free weights, nothing ever has. Cable and machine exercises do have their place, and are good to add here and there, or add when a person is going through physical therapy... Weight lifting guide for Muscle Building Workout Routines

What are the top weight lifting exercises for chest?

Dumbbell flys on a flat bench and on an incline... barbell or dumbbell presses on an incline bench, a flat bench and decline bench.

What are the best weight lifting exercises for thighs and hamstrings?

Jump squats, regular squat with a barbell, and deadlifts are the best. Some people will differ because they don't like doing them, but they are the best, don't be fooled!

What are the best exercises for triceps?

Bench dips, regular dips, tricep cable pressdowns, lying dumbbell extensions.

What are the best bicep exercises?

Standing barbell curl, incline dumbbell curls.

What are the best exercises for calves?

Standing calf raises, seated calf raises, one-leg calf raises

What are the best ab exercises?

Roman chairs, crunches, reverse crunches, machine crunches, seated leg tucks, bent knee flat bench leg raises, bicycles, sit-ups on a decline bench.

What are the best shoulder exercises?

Behind the neck press, dumbbell presses, military press, clean and press, standing lateral raises, upright rows.

What are the best exercises for back?

Bent Over barbell rows, T-bar rows, one arm dumbbell rows, seated cable rows, pullovers, deadlifts, pullups.

Best exercises for forearms?

Barbell wrist curls, dumbbell one arm wrist curls, reverse wrist curls with barbell. For weight Lifting exercises - Top Weight Lifting Exercises

What is a rep?

This is referring to how many times you moved the weight.

What is a set?

when you've moved the weight 12 times (12 reps) that is 1 set. Most weight lifters like to do about 2 to 4 sets per exercise.

Will weight lifting stunt your growth?

That's easy. No.

How does a female bodybuilder approach weight lifting? Do female bodybuilders do the same things male bodybuilders do to build muscle?

Yes. Male and female bodybuilders would both be able to do what we have mentioned here on How2MuscleGuide.com. This site is meant for both male and female bodybuilders.

How much muscle can you typically expect to build from weight lifting?

Under 1 pound of muscle per week, and that would be considered generous. Muscle building happens slowly and gradually. You sometimes hear about people putting on a lot of weight in a short period of time, but that's not all muscle weight. It's mostly likely water weight, body fat and muscle. If you are putting on what you feel like is a lot of muscle, and you aren't able to see your abs, then you are most likely not just putting on muscle.

How many sets should I do per exercise?

2 to 4 sets per exercise is the common amount that people use. There's no set number, but as a beginner, it's good to stick to this amount.

How many repetitions should I do?

The number of reps you do should constantly change. An example could be: 8 to 10 reps, 11 to 13 reps... It's a good idea to do a variety. Change your routines every few weeks, and introduce new rep ranges each time. We use basic rep ranges in our workout routines to give you some samples, but these ranges can change. Just be sure to challenge the muscle. You won't challenge the muscle if you can easily lift the bar. The muscles need resistance.

What's a good way to introduce different rep ranges?

For 1 week you could do reps of 6 to 8, the next week you could increase the reps by slightly reducing the weight and do 10, then the next week do 12 to 15 rep sets, then go back to 6 to 8 again. There are so many options with this. There's also a variety of intensity methods to choose from.

How should I grip the bar with pressing exercises like bench presses.

Well to start off, very tightly. Second thing, make sure you're comfortable. Some prefer a thumb-less grip, but if you do this use extreme caution.

What are free weights?

Dumbbells, barbells, and individual plates of various weight.

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