Tips That Can Help Prevent
Weight Lifting Injuries

To prevent weight lifting injuries, it is advised to stretch the muscle before performing any workout routine.

It would be a huge bummer, to have some unexpected injury or weight lifting accident set you back from making progress in your muscular gains, or set you back from any other activity that you take part in.

Doing short warm up reps, using light weight for just a few reps, is a good way to warm up the muscle.

A short warm up jog could be useful to get the blood flowing and circulating.

Stretching the limbs in different directions to loosen the joints is also a good approach for preventing injuries.

Younger guys tend to go right in for the workout without stretching, but the older you get, the more precautions you should take...

Beyond stretching, here are a few more tips for preventing injuries while lifting weights...

Workout partners can definitely come in handy.

Slower controlled form.

Getting your Omega, or Essential Fatty Acids to keep your joints lubricated.

Keep your body in good health by getting the proper amount of sleep. (6-8 hours) Preferably 8 hours a night.

Eat your Fruits and Vegetables. These are loaded with nutrients.

Green Tea, which is loaded with Anti-Oxidants... perfect for muscle recovery, and will have you ready for each and every workout.

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