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New Mass Building Weight Training Routines

We're not kidding when we say this weight lifting routine may be one of the most powerful free weight lifting routines and weight training programs we have seen in a long time! Powerlifting training routines combined with circuit training routines for ultimate muscle growth!

The new 3 week workout program is designed to help you put on more muscle, and have you growing without plateau. We will explain what this workout routine program is, how to do it, why it works, and then we'll show you what this free bodybuilding routine will look like.

Arnolds huge chest. Pec muscles

This mass building, strength building workout routine can be used by the hard gainer, someone wanting to add some more muscle definition and mass, or just someone wanting to get through a plateau and start seeing some new gains again.

This workout routine can be used by the endomorph body type, the ectomorph body type, or the mesomorph body type. The program has several stages, and will help anyone build muscle because of the way it helps to stimulate new muscle growth by hitting each and every muscle fiber, fast and slow muscle fibers.

The workout routine has three stages

all done over a period of 3 weeks:

Week 1 - Power Training - Builds Strength. Lower reps, heavier weight (reps: 3x5-7)

Week 2 - Rep Range Training - Hits multiple muscle fibers, fast and slow twitch muscle fibers. You use a combination of heavy weight and moderate weight (reps: 3x8 3x10 3x15)

Week 3 - Shock The Body! - Puts the body under serious stress and forces new growth. This training is comprised of supersets and minimum rests to put the body under a new kind of stress that it didn't experience in the previous weeks (reps: 3x8-15) This week you'll be doing supersets and drop sets.

All three weeks will have a serious impact on your growth. When you do this workout, try adding 5 lbs to different exercises each time you've completed all three weeks. Every time you get through the 3 weeks, add more weight to your lifts. Expect huge muscle gains from this workout routine!

  • For Week 1 - Power Training, our goal is to do 3 sets of anywhere between 5 to 7 reps for every exercise. Use only compound exercises (pushing and pressing exercises.) You are going to be using heavy weight this week, so rest 4 minutes between each set to fully recharge. Be sure to pick a weight heavy enough so that you cannot do anything more than 7 reps max. When focusing on strength gains, a lot of recuperation is needed during the workout. In this week, resting between sets is extremely important because you will want your muscles to be fully recovered to continue lifting heavy. Those 4 minute rests between sets are necessary to continue lifting heavy during this week of power training.
  • For Week 2 - Rep Range Training, our goal is to do an increase of reps and mix in different rep ranges. You will increase how many reps you do with each exercise. Use isolation and compound exercises. You will be doing a variety of rep ranges in this week to target as many muscle fibers as possible. Resting between sets should be around 2 or 3 minutes depending on your recovery speed.
  • For Week 3 - Shock The Body!

We will be doing super-sets and then do a drop set at the end of the workout for full muscle exhaustion! This will put the body under extreme conditions and really have those growth hormones pumping through your veins.

Okay, ready for the Power, Rep range, Shock, workout routine? Let's do this!

Power Workout Routine Week 1

Day 1: Popular chest exercise pictures provided too.

Chest Power training - 3 sets per exercise. Lower volume. Purpose: Build strength and mass. We will be doing Dumbbell and barbell exercises on this day.

  • Flat barbell bench press 3x6
  • Incline barbell bench press 3x6
  • Decline dumbbell bench press 3x6
  • Incline dumbbell bench press 3x6
    (throw in abs if you want)

Be sure you rest about 4 minutes or so between those sets. Yeah we know sitting there for 4 minutes can get a little boring but luckily this is only for 1 week.

Day 2

Do about 30 minutes of cardio. A light jog would be good.

Day 3:

We provide pictures of some effective back exercises and Leg exercises with day 3.

Back and Legs (Mainly squats for legs) Power training - 3 sets for every exercise.

  • Squats 3x6
  • Pullups 3x6 - Alternate between doing the pullup to the front (bar to the front of body on the pulling motion) and to the back (bar behind the head on the pulling motion.) This will target more muscles. It's all about variety and intensity. Pullups are the best exercise for back development.
  • Barbell rows 3x6
  • Dumbbell rows 3x6 Be sure to check out pictures of these exercises then come back.

Day 4

Do some cardio. Get that blood flowing. Cardio is good during power week. You can add ab exercises on your cardio days too.

Day 5:

(Comes with the top bicep and tricep exercise pictures.)

Arms - Biceps and Triceps Power training 3 sets for every exercise

  • Incline dumbbell curl 3x6
  • Lying tricep 3x6
  • Barbell curl 3x6
  • Overhead tricep extension 3x6 Keep elbows as close to each other as possible.

Day 6

Do cardio. A strong heart is very important.

Day 7:

Don't miss the shoulder exercise pictures that go along with day 7.

Deads and Shoulders Power training

  • Deadlifts 3x6 - Use a back support belt to protect your lower back.
  • Barbell press 3x6
  • Arnold press 3x6 - Great exercise for the shoulders. Do Arnold Presses with very strict form.
  • Shoulder dumbbell fly 3x6

Take the day off you deserve it! Okay, are you ready for week 2?

Rep Range Workout Routine Week 2

We want to increase the reps for each exercise. Rest between sets approximately 2 to 3 minutes.

Day 1:

Includes a chest building page called "Build a Bigger Chest" for more tips on chest development. Don't miss that page.

Chest building Rep Range Workout - You are increasing reps in this workout routine. This is a dumbbell workout this time.

  • Flat dumbbell press 3x8 ( which means 3 sets 8 reps 3x8) You can change the way you do these by keeping your palms facing toward one another.
  • Incline dumbbell press 3x10-12
  • Decline dumbbell press 3x13-15

Notice how we increased the reps for each exercise? More exercise tips

Now we'll start on flys

  • Flat dumbbell fly 3x7-9 - You will experience best results if you don't go anything lower than the shoulder on the downward motion. Squeeze the pecs at the top of the movement.
  • Incline dumbbell fly 3x10-12

And now to finish it off...

  • Flat dumbbell press 2x15 This will really get the blood flowing. You should be experiencing a huge pump at this point.

Your muscles should be screaming at you. Go recover!

Day 2

Cardio - Run, jog, bike. Any form of cardio is good.

Day 3 Back and Squat Rep Range Workout

  • Dumbbell Rows 3x8
  • Pullup 3x10-12
  • Squats 3x13-15 - Remember last week you did these first with lower reps. This will help add variety and work different muscle fibers for more growth.
  • Pullover 3x8
  • Barbell rows 3x10-12 - keep your elbows to your sides.
    Notice we chose free weights? That's no accident. Free weights are the way to go in this routine!

Day 4 Off

Day 5:

Arms Rep Range Workout

  • Incline dumbbell 3x8-10 (Lay down on an incline bench when doing the curls. It takes pressure off the back and puts more focus on the biceps. The angle should be similar to the angle you chose for an incline bench press)
  • Barbell Curl 3x10-12 Hand position about shoulder width apart.
  • Lying tricep 3x8 Do these with very strict form. Keep the elbow pointing upward and in a stationary position.
  • Overhead tricep 3x10-12
  • Concentration curl 3x15
  • Bench dips 3x15

Day 6 Cardio

Day 7:

Shoulders and Deadlifts Rep Range Workout

  • Shoulder press 3x8
  • Dumbbell press 3x10
  • Deadlifts 3x15 At the top of the movement move the weight into a shoulder shrug and hold for a couple seconds.
  • Shoulder fly 2-3x10
  • Bent over shoulder fly 2-3x10
  • Upright rows 3x however many you can do - Try using only the bar, and fully burn the muscles out. Bring the weight up over the chin.

Day Off

Shock The Body Week 3!

This is going to challenge you mentally and physically. This has a circuit training routine style, causing high level hypertrophy, the perfect anabolic setup in combination with the previous weeks. Let's see what you've got!

We are going to start the week off with chest exercises again. We'll begin by doing isolation exercises first.

Again, we're doing 3 sets per exercise. With reps do anywhere between 8 and 15. For resting between sets, rest as long as you need to; 30 seconds to 3 minutes depending on your personal recovery speed. Ready?

Day 1:

Chest Shock the body workout routine - You will be doing isolation exercises first to really throw the body off. Quite different than what you are probably used to, which is good!

  • Flat fly (super set) Dumbbell Bench Press - Remember you are going from one exercises to the next before resting. You must do 2 exercises before you rest. What is a super set? < An explanation on how to do supersets.
  • Incline barbell press/ Incline fly super set
  • Decline fly/Decline barbell press super set

Now we're doing Drop Sets...

  • Flat barbell Press - Do a set, take some weight off, do another set, take some weight off... keep doing this until it's just the bar you're lifting. The only time you should be resting when doing drop sets, is when you are taking weight off. Take the weight off and get back to it.
  • Incline barbell press - do the same thing here, as you did above.

Day 2

Do cardio or take the day off

Day 3:

Back and Squat Shock the body workout routine

  • Pullup/Pullover super set
  • Barbell row/Dumbell row super set
  • Squat/Reverse fly super set
  • T-Bar rows - Drop Set - What is a drop set? Be sure to come back after reading.

Day 4

Do cardio or take the day off

Day 5:

Arms - Bicep and Tricep Shock the body workout routine

  • Incline dumbbell/ Lying tricep super set
  • Barbell curl/ Overhead tricep super set
  • Alternate curl/Overhead dumbbell super set
  • Incline concentration curl/ Kickbacks super set

Day 6

Do cardio or take the day off

Day 7:

Shoulders Shock the body workout routine

  • Barbell press/Bent fly super set
  • Deadlifts/Arnold press super set
  • Upright rows/Dumbbell press super set

Take the day off...

All Done!

Now that the 3 week workout routine is over, rest a day or two, and do it all over again:

Power training, rep range training, then shock the body with supersets.

But the next time around, add a little more weight to your lifts. It doesn't have to be much. Anything added is good! You will notice week after week you will get stronger and stronger with this workout mass building system.

This weight training program will trigger growth response for faster muscle building because you will target each muscle fiber, like having several weight training routines combined into one effective mass building routine. It will have you growing without plateau month after month.

Many training styles all in one:

This is a circuit training routine, a workout routine for toning, a strength training routine, a powerlifting routine, and a mass building workout, all combined into a 3 week weight lifting program hitting your fast and slow twitch muscle fibers for new muscle growth.

Weight lifting exercises:

We chose our favorite exercises, and we encourage you to do the same. Replace some exercises with some of your personal favorite exercises, but keep the basic set up the same for best results. Also look at the links to get a better understanding of what some of the exercises look like.

About this workout:

This new intense Workout Routine program was inspired by the Power/Rep Range/Shock Workout strategy AKA Grow without plateau, but has been slightly modified..Originally created by Eric Broser, How2MuscleGuide.com has created our own little spin to this weight lifting workout routine! I hope you've enjoyed.

Need Help with your weight training routines? Get bodybuilding advice here.

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Do you hate leg workouts? Here's a tip for leg training.

Now everyone is different but try working in your squats on the days you do back, and work in deadlifts on the days you do shoulders. Instead of exhausting your legs and lower back into one grueling workout, add leg exercises throughout the week, and properly space squats and deadlifts apart on different workout days.

If you're one of those people who hate working out their legs, then you probably cringe at the thought of those leg workouts, not to mention it's difficult walking afterward. A simple solution would be to not dedicate a whole workout day to the legs, but just add leg exercises in throughout the week, so this way you're still working your legs, but in smaller doses. And you'll be able to walk the next day. This is something new to try. The example below will show you what we're talking about...

(Tweak this if you need to)
Day 1: Chest (chest muscle building tip)

Day 2: Cardio and Abs
Day 3: Back and Squats (or any other leg exercise you want to add)
Day 4: Cardio
Day 5: Arms
Day 6: Cardio and Abs ( abs and belly fat tip)
Day 7: Shoulders, Deadlifts, and calves
Day 8: Off

(Notice how deadlifts and squats are spaced out from each other? This will be a lot easier on your lower back.)

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