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Bodybuilders! Build your own home gym. Find the best and the cheapest weight training systems and workout accessories. Your guide to buying the best weight lifting gear! We give you our unbiased review.

The Best Weight Training System. We include the best weight training system workout gear, and the best weight training system workout routines!

Want a few short reviews on weight training systems, workout equipment, and home gyms?

The cool thing about this page, is that as we discover new weight training systems, home gyms, workout equipment, or workout accessories, we'll put them up here, and give you feed back about each one.

Find out if it's worth buying. Check in regularly and see if we have any new gear, or workout systems to talk about! This weight training system review page will be updated as we discover weight training systems!

Our unbiased opinions on what's good, and what's not! These are first impression reviews... So here we go...

Weider x-factor - This workout equipment is very limiting. Pully workouts are not ideal muscle builders, but are great if you are only interested in burning calories.

Kettlebell workouts - There appears to be a lot versatility in kettle bell workouts, but if you're used to the typical pumping iron mentality, this could be one heck of a cross over. Give kettle bell workouts a try... You might like the change! You can always go back to regular free weights any time!

Weider Powermax - Great hotel room workout! Bring this with you when you aren't able to get to a gym... will work well!

Total Body Works 5000 - Tried it, didn't like it. If you're a beginner, this might be something useful for you, but if you're already "built" and need a serious challenge, beware!

Bowflex 5lbs-52lbs SelectTech Dumbbells -

Only thing we have here is convenience, but not worth the money. It's cheaply made, and if you get to a point where you get stronger, you can't go past 52 pounds. There should be an extension to this product where weight lifters can continue adding on weight. Best advice, go to a garage sale and buy some cheap dumbbells. Get something that will last you a lifetime, and that won't break if you drop it on the ground too hard.

Bowflex 3.1 SelectTech Dumbbell Bench - Looks good. A bit pricey, but very typical for a 'good' brand new bench.

Marcy Utility Bench - A little cheaper than the bench above, and will work just as well. Does not have as many adjustments as some benches, but still works!

CAP Barbell Standard Grey 110-pound Weight Set - You get your barbell, and your dumbbells with easy adjustable clips to hold the weight.

Sunny Health Fitness 100-pound Vinyl Weight Set - Also another option for weight lifters, it's a decent weight lifting set-up. It's cheaper than the adjustable dumbbell set you see from companies, and you get more! Perfect for beginning your own home gym.

Gold's Gym 40-lb. Cement Weight Set - Typically not a huge fan of adjustable dumbbell sets, but for the money, these are worth checking out. You don't get much weight, but it's still such a good deal. Perfect for a beginner weightlifter on a budget.

Bowflex Blaze Home Gym, and pretty much every single Bowflex home gym - Too expensive, awkward, bulky, and does not replace the cheaper methods out there.

Shake Weight - Doesn't even deserve a review, it's THAT terrible. This is something you would buy someone for a practical joke. It belongs in the stock where you would find a Whoopy Cushion.

Gofit GF-GBAR Gravity Bar Weight Training System - Looks cheaply made. Can't imagine this product surviving much wear and tear. Might be useful for a little while...

Perfect Push Up/ Push up bars etc. - Can be a very nice accessory, but is really not needed. Pushups existed before this equipment, and have have always worked fine without the bar grip onto.

To be continued... Bookmark us and be sure to check back in!

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