Weight Training System - Taking You To Whole New Level!

Reach Physical Perfection

The Best Weight Training System For Natural Bodybuilding!

We put together a weight training workout system and bodybuilding program that's going to take your bodybuilding to a whole new level! Follow this muscle guide for supreme muscle building results!

The Strategy: To build, and turn the body into a muscle building fat burning machine!

Target every muscle fiber in a way that you never have before. We do this with a new workout routine every few weeks. Popularized by the muscle confusion workout strategy.

The beginning stages of this routine

For week 1 follow this 3day workout routine

For week 2 you begin this Mass building workout

For week 3 you begin this Weight training system

We move on to the bigger load now. This weight training system picks up a notch:

We have to force our muscles to grow, we will do this by shocking them. We target every muscle fiber when doing these workouts in THIS order!

Week 4 Weight training system for Enhancing muscle size and shape

Week 5 Now we crank up the intensity and have the heart deliver more oxygen to the muscles Burn fat maintain muscle approach.

Week 6 And for more variety, we add this workout system to the mix More muscle definition

Now, for the ultimate challenge that is going to separate you from the rest. This is going to take your muscle building to a whole to new level.

Do you want to move beyond just average? Do you want to look like the top notch bodybuilders? Do you want the muscle to pop out of your shirt, and have those ab muscles popping out like you had 3-d glasses on when looking them?

Well.. To get the big results, to have to train big. Go hard or go home, as they say.

Weight training system to go beyond just average!

For this section, you will be alternating between different workouts. You will hit every muscle fiber, and at same time, get a cardio workout too. This will build the muscle, the abs, strengthen the heart, lower the body fat, and tighten the skin. You will gain muscle and definition all in one. (We had to put links up to the workouts... The workouts laid out would have taken up WAY TOO MUCH SPACE).

1. Weight Training Program - You must do this mass building workout for a total of 3 weeks: Weight Training Program

2. 10 Minute Workout - Every other day you will throw this workout in: 10 minute workout for abs It's a 10 minute workout that you will do on your off days...

So, you pair both workouts together. It's simple. Weight training program day 1, then, 10 minute workout day 2. repeat, repeat, repeat... until the 3 weeks are over!

Have questions? Go to our muscle building help section and ask us for help with this program or any program you wish to have help with. Be sure to use a minimum of 80 words per question. This ensures that you have taken the effort to write a thorough question that has given enough details to be appropriately answered.

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