Weightlifting 5 Times A Week

by Anthony
(San Antonio Tx)

Question: Weightlifting 5 times a week... Okay I'm just a random dude here trying to bulk. I'm 16 and started 1 month ago.. I have gotten great results so far.

I've been training 3 times a week full body.. I wanted to know how long would I have to wait to train 5 times a week or more?

I read a lot that working out 1 or 2 muscle groups for 1 day each can lead to better muscle growth. But I also have read even more people that started off working out 5 times a week supposedly over train because their body hasn't gotten used to it.

I want to start training 5 times a week but I don't want to over train. How long will my body take to start being able to handle this many days of training a week and still be able to grow from it?

Answer: It's best to stick with 3 days a week when you are just beginning, and are working the entire body.

After the phase of training the entire body 3 times a week, move to a phase where you are training 2 muscle groups 3 or 4 times a week.

Full body workouts are meant to get your body used to the demand. After a few weeks/months of training the full body 3 times a week, make it more challenging by devoting more attention to only a few muscle groups per workout, 3 or 4 times a week.

With the training style of devoting more attention to only a couple muscle groups in any given workout, you won't need to train 5 times a week.

If you feel you are ready to make your workouts more challenging, split your routine to look something like this: (example only)

Chest and abs
Legs and shoulders

You'll gain more size by letting the muscles recuperate.

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