What Body Type Am I?

by Nic Dias
(Waterglen, pretoria, south africa)

Question: What Body Type Am I?

Hi, I'm 17-going on 18 and I weigh 55 kgs (120 pounds) I'm around 5 foot 7 in height and I'm male...

I actually have 3 questions, but I'll start with the most important, I can't seem to figure out what my body type is!

Before anyone assumes I'm too lazy to do research- I have, but it seems I have traits of all three main types (clearly making me a combination body type, but I can't figure out which one!)

Here are some background details. All my life I have been overweight- obese for a few years even. At the age of 15 I decided to lose the weight and ate healthy and exercised and managed to lose 1 kg a week for 15 weeks until getting lazy and then I gained all the fat back.

At the age of 16 I grew taller and slowly lost 15 kgs again over the course of a year (with addition to some exercise, but I wasn't as dedicated as I was at age 15).

I am now extremely scrawny and skinny with a bit of belly fat, but here's where it gets confusing, I have the body of an ectomorph.. My wrists are tiny and my thumb and middle finger overlap when I wrap them around my wrists.

On top of that I have wide hips which is an endomorphic trait, but I don't think I am pure endo because I DID manage to lose a kg a week and I hear endo's struggle with fat loss which seems like I have a mesomorph trait..

I have now gotten into bodybuilding and I want to grow but I have heard that knowing your body type is extremely important..

So to sum up: wide hips, small frame, formerly obese and now extremely scrawny (possible due to loss of muscle mass during weight loss)oh and I have a chubby face if that helps.

PLEASE help me determine what kind of body I have? And now for the other questions:

2. Creatine made my face swell up slightly, should I stop using it?

3. How much muscle must I gain before its noticeable? 3 kgs


Answer: You definitely have the traits of an ectomorph and an endomorph body type.

No person is a single body type, but rather a combination of all three body types.

Optional Reading:

For more information on bodytypes click the link below. We'll open up a new window so that you can come back to this page if you'd like:

What Is My Body Type?

The idea is to narrow it down to see which of the three body types is the most dominant, and in your case, that appears to be ectomorph, with characteristics of an endomorph body type.

Here's the problem:

If you are 'more' of an ectomorph (skinny, can't gain weight), and then you begin training like an endomorph (hard time losing weight), you are going to have some serious issues with building mass, due to the fact that the endomorph would have to workout more to lose the extra fat, which is no good for an ectomorph who struggles to gain...

So to be safe, consider yourself an ectomorph type with few traits of an endomorph.

Basically, train like an ectomporph body type for 1 week, to be safe, and just watch your progress and see what happens: Lower reps, more rests days, less cardio, etc...

Then for 1 week, train like an endomorph: Higher reps, more cardio, etc.

Compare how you feel after you've tried both.

You will have to experiment. Bodybuilding is full of experimentation and just like in a shoe store, there is no one size fits all.

So you may have to change your workouts frequently to give yourself the variety of workouts to see which you best respond to.

"Creatine made my face swell up slightly, should I stop using it?"

It's hard to know if creatine is responsible for the sudden swell up. Get checked out and see if you are allergic to it.

Recommended Creatine Product:
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Kre-Alkalyn Creatine

"How much muscle must I gain before it's noticeable? 3 kgs maybe?"

Well, 3 kilograms equals just over 6 pounds.

5 to 10 pounds, would definitely be noticeable. Some may even argue that just a couple pounds would be noticeable...

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