What can I do to increase my muscle hardness

by jeremy


I have been training for fifteen years. I am very happy with my results however I feel like my muscles are soft in comparison to others who train less. I am pescatarian (fish only) and wonder if this has something to do w/ it. What can I do to increase my muscle hardness. I take creatine, glutamine, multi, and protein supp.

Good question. This seems to be such a common thing...

You could increase your Nitric Oxide production in the body by taking L-Arginine. This could help give your muscles some fullness. L-Arginine is the main ingredient that they use in these supplements that cause a "Perpetual Pump".

Try that out and see what happens. If it doesn't work come back, and we'll run through a list of things to try. Keep us posted!

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muscle hardness
by: alep

Question: Hello, I want your tips on how to make body n muscle hard as rock. I used to be fat, then I decide to do an extreme diet, I cut rice from my meal and only ate breads n biscuits or cereal as my daily meal. It helped me to lose 35 kg, from 120 kg to 75 kg. But my skin and body became soft and flabby.. Then I started to workout at the gym, as a beginner, I'm pleased with my body shape, but, I still have that soft n flabby body and skin.. How can I make my body and muscles as hard as rock?

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