When should I be giving my body a rest?


When should I be giving my body a rest? My routine is:

chest/abs/legs - day 1
day 2 - rest
day 3 - shoulders/triceps
day 4 - abs
day 5 - biceps/back
day 6 - rest
day 7 - chest/abs/legs

Are there any tips you can give me, is this a good routine?

There's a few problems with your routine.

Suggestion... The only time you should be working a muscle group more than once a week, is if it's a problem area that you feel needs a bit more attention, and even then, it should not be done too often. Ideally, you should be working each muscle group extremely intense no more than once in a 7 day period.

You could easily get away with taking day 4 off.
Day 5, make sure you are doing back exercises first.

If you are doing chest and legs on day 7 and on day 1, that would mean you are not spacing these days out far enough. On day 7 and on day 1 you are doing the exact same body parts. So when you end the week with chest/abs/legs, you are beginning the next week with the exact same thing... Meaning, there's not enough recovery time between these days. According to your schedule, you would be doing chest/abs/legs, back to back. Not a good idea.

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