When To Increase Calories

Question: I am wondering how many calories to add to my diet every week.

I was told and have read an increase of about 200-500 calories in a bulking phase. Does this sound right?

Also, if it is an increase of only 200 or so, does this mean I split those extra 200 or so calories amongst 6 meals? That means a very modest 30-32 calories per meal- so does that mean that a spoon of natural peanut butter or something that can provide these modest calories at every meal will allow me to keep building muscle because honestly, it sounds very little to just add 200-500 calories a day spread amongst 6 meals and still be able to make quality muscle increase. Is this information correct?


Read these two pages:

Calories Per Day

Calorie Intake Per Day

Most people who try to gain weight, do so by increasing their calories by around 500 or more per day.

So if you typically ate 2500, you'd be eating 3000. This is just a rough estimate.

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