Whey Powder
Benefits Of Whey Protein

Whey powder is a protein source that is often seen as a product that helps deliver muscle building results faster. Due to its convenience and accessibility, one cannot argue that whey protein powder is a necessity for weightlifters.

How to use whey protein and the benefits of whey protein

The one main benefit of whey protein is its convenience. The fact that you can just add a little water, put it in a shaker cup, and consume it within a minute, makes whey protein powder extremely convenient for protein consumption throughout the day, but more importantly, for post workout recovery.

Weightlifters especially benefit from whey, because they require more protein to help repair muscle tissue breakdown...

You don't actually need whey to build muscle, but it sure does come in handy due to the fact that it absorbs fast...

Whey powder protein is strictly for convenience and is easier for the body to digest, which is great after working out.

If you cannot afford whey, you can still eat regular food, and still meet your protein requirements.

When to take whey protein

Take whey anytime during the day. Think of it as just another meal. Add it with food, or take it by itself, it really doesn't matter. For best results, take whey anytime during the day, but especially after your workouts.

Whey protein side effects

Whey is a dairy, so if you are allergic to dairy, then whey protein is not for you.

Best whey protein powder. To name a few...

EAS whey protein
Optimum Nutrition whey Protein
Body Fortress whey Protein
Designer whey protein powder
Jay Robbs whey protein
Isopure whey protein

In all honesty, go for the cheapest, that is always the best.

Uses for whey

Helps build muscle, and can help you get your daily protein requirements much easier.

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