Which Body Type Am I?

by Youssef
(Cairo )

Question: Looking for information about body types. Which body type am I?

I need information to determine my body type, whether I was an ectomorph, mesomorph, or endomorph body type.

I need to make additional practical tests to know my body type, such as certain amounts of food and certain amounts of exercise and compare the results.

My body form and my nutrition makes it very hard to determine my body type, for example I have some normally strong thick parts of my body while others are weak.

Also my nutrition is very bad which also makes it hard to determine my body type.

My activities also are very much lacking, and unfortunately I don't get enough of sleep.

I need both practical tests and deep information about body types to build on it for my sports plan.

Answer: What we could do is help you determine your body type by seeing which of the following describes you best:

  • If you are skinny, and have a hard time gaining weight and building muscle, it is safe to assume you are closer to the ectomorph body type.

  • If you do not have a hard time gaining weight and building muscle, but you find it difficult to lose weight, it's safe to assume you are closer to the endomorph body type.

  • If you build muscle easily, lose body fat easily, and have the body frame that is more muscular, with a bigger built, yet lean, it is safe to assume you have a mesomorph body type.

    By our observation, just by reading your question, and previous questions, it's safe to assume that you are not a mesomorph body type.

    So that leaves us with the ectomorph body type, and the endomorph body type.

    So let's look at this further.

    Which one do you more closely resemble?

    The guy who is small, skinny, and cannot gain any weight? Small frame, narrow, fast metabolism, and finds it difficult to build muscle = Ectomorph body type.


    The guy who can easily gain weight but has a hard time losing fat? Average frame, builds muscle fairly easily, but also easily holds onto fat and has a harder time burning it off = Endomorph body type.

    Quite possibly, you may very well have the endomorph body type.

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