Why Can't I Lose Weight?

4 Reasons Why.

Why can't I lose weight? 4 reasons why you are not able to lose weight as fast as you'd like to.

Why I can't lose weight, reason number 1:

You consume sugar, refined sugar. Get rid of sugar and replace it with stevia or agave. These two are great replacement sweeteners and are healthier.

Why can't I lose weight, reason number 2:

One word, stress! Mental stress and physical stress. Alleviate stress in your life. Figure out ways to make yourself happy, (no doughnuts though).

Why can't I lose weight, reason number 3:

Your diet is unbalanced. You consume too many carbs in combination with high fats. Balance each meal so that you have an equal amount of protein carbs and fats together within a meal.

Why I can't lose weight, reason 4:

You know to exercise, but you aren't elevating your heart rate enough. Intensify your workouts. Take shorter breaks between sets.

In addition to the reasons above, you may not have realistic expectations. Some people get on this kick, they've been at it for a week or two, it feels as though they've been strict and consistent, but again it's been for such a short period that visible results will be miniscule.

So with that being said, be realistic, and allow for time...

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