Working Out Two Muscle Groups

by Cory

Question: Is working out 2 muscle groups a day better than working a whole half of your body?

I'm 17 and I enjoy weightlifting. I want to get every bit out of my workouts, but some advice I've been getting has gotten me a bit confused.

Some guys say that instead of doing your whole upper body, do back and biceps one day, or chest and triceps one day, then do whatever two groups you didn't do that day next day.

They say their reasoning for this is so you can exhaust each muscle group rather than working out every muscle in the upper body to just a satisfactory state.

Would this be true? Or doesn't it matter? I want to be able to workout every muscle to a point of exhaustion, but if I don't have to focus just on two groups a day to do so, please let me know.

I'm confused and am being told several different things.

Answer: If you are a beginner, it's best to workout the entire body, or workout half the body at a time.

If you've been working out for several months/years, it's best to workout two muscle groups in each workout.

Working out two muscle groups each workout will help you put on more muscle.

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