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Why do you workout? When you go to the gym, what is your goal? Transform yourself! Bodybuilding motivation for newbie weight lifters.

You know, this may seem like it's a dumb question, but truthfully, most people don't know why they workout.

What's your goal? What do you hope to achieve?

Did you know, that by having a goal for your workouts, you can make your workouts THAT much more productive?

If you just mindlessly throw the weights around... well... what do you think you'll get out of it? You get what you put in.

So think about this... Why do you workout?

Is it to get bigger? If so, why?

Is it to feel or look attractive? Why?

Do you want to feel healthier, and more energetic?

Are you wanting to see your abs?

What's your reason?

Ask yourself what are you doing? Then, once your figure that out, your workout will make so much more sense. And when you can make sense of the what the heck you are doing, you'll know what direction to take.

Have a plan, execute the plan, begin to see the results.

Every person who goes to the gym, has their own reasons, that's perfectly normal, and perfectly fine, but just going to the gym isn't enough... It will turn into a dreadful job, that you don't want clock in to. It can't be that way.

Have something to look forward to. Set a goal, then there will be motivation... Something to work toward.

Once you've reached that goal, set a new one.

You know, people get discouraged when they workout hard, and see very little results... But we need realistic expectations as well.

Set goals, but don't make unrealistic goals. We have to do it little by little.

For example, if you are wanting to see more development in your pec muscles, and are also wanting to see your abdominal muscles, and on top of that, you are not satisfied with your shoulder or calf development...

Well, set a goal to improve things individually. These things are not going to be perfected over night.

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