Workout Routine 3

This is for extreme power and strength gains.

Not recommended for beginners, unless of course you're feeling brave.

The strategy behind workout routine 3, is to add 5lbs on every movement once a week no matter what.

For your first set, go for a rep range of 10, second set 8, third set 6, forth set 4.

The first week will feel easy, because that will be your beginning stages where you'll set the pace. Then every week after that, you'll increase the weight on every exercise movement by 5lbs.

If for some reason all you can push is 8 reps for your first set on your 2nd or 3rd week, you sit there or lay there and take small short breaks (5-10 second long breaks), until your set is fully completed.

Once all of your reps are completed for that one set, rest for no longer than 2 minutes and do it all over again.

By about the 4th or 5th week, it will be almost impossible to add anymore weight and maintain good form, and this will be when you change the routine to a new one.

This will be a tough workout. Advance bodybuilders require this kind of intensity to fully shock the muscles into new growth.

Like most of the routines on this site, you will notice that we recommend you working out every other day.

You can't go wrong by working out every other day. This will ensure that you're getting good recovery. Good recovery encourages better strength gains and muscle growth.

If for some reason you want to burn more fat, do cardio on some of your off days.

Day 1: Biceps, triceps, legs

Lying curl 4x

Dips 4x

Incline dumbbell curl 4x (resting elbow on an incline)

Lying barbell tricep extensions 4x

Jump squats 30x4

I use The jump squats and jump ropes as cardio movements and for good leg development workouts. If I decide to not do these, then I do squats and calve raises)

jump ropes 100x4


Day 2: Off


Day 3: Lats, shoulders, deadlifts

Pull-up 4x

Deadlift 4x

Barbell shoulder press 4x

Shoulder fly 4x

Bent Rows 4x

Push press 4x


Day 4: light Jog - 30 minutes


Day 5: Chest-Abs

Flat barbell bench 4x

Incline barbell bench 4x

Flat fly 4x

Incline dumbbell press 4x

Abs- 100 crunches with 25lb plate
100 situps
100 Decline situps.


Day 6: Off


Day 7: Repeat Day 1- Adding 5lbs to everything that I did last week.


To develop your muscle, it WILL take work. The more you advance, the more difficult your workouts must become.

But as long as you enjoy the training, it won't seem hard at all...

The person who builds the most muscle, is the person who enjoys their training.

You must be mentally and physically satisfied.

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