Workout routine and recuperation

by jon larsen
(new jersey)


Is my routine allowing me to recuperate enough?
Hi, my name is jon, I am 52 years old, always been a closet bodybuilder. At this point I only train chest and arms maybe a little shoulders.

My routine:

Day #1 chest and alittle delts

Day #2 rest

Day #3 arms 2triceps 8 sets, 2bicep excersises about 8 sets

Days 4 and 5 I rest

Then I start the cycle over.

O for chest I do 2 maybe 3 movements 10 sets and delts 6 light sets.

Am I allowing enough rest time between bodyparts to recup at this age or stage in my life?

Somtimes I dont get a good arm pump on arm day and sometimes my arms look tired and small. Can you help?

Yeah you're definitely getting enough rest days. You could probably intensify it even more, and still be okay.

Throw in some back exercises, and leg exercises to give you a well rounded physique... just a personal suggestion.

About getting a bump: When you fuel your body with good amounts of protein and carbohydrates 1 hour before your workouts, you get better pumps. The reason for this, is that the muscles have more energy to work with.

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