Workout Routine Tips

by Marius


As most people know, you gain muscles and muscle-mass when you recover after you've worked out. Still, I got a couple of question about something I'm not quite sure about.

Is 6-8 hours sleep a day enough for your muscles to fully recover?

Does it matter when I go to bed the same day I've been working out? Usually at weekends I might go to bed around 4am, which is really late. Still, I sleep till 2pm so it's all 9 hours of sleep in total.

I know muscles need days of to recover, but I really wanna exercise everyday.

So let's say on Monday, I work out my chest and tricep. Then on Tuesday I work out my bicep only.

Can I then just keep on going like that through out the whole week? I know my chest & tricep don't got anything to do with my bicep, so when I exercise my chest & tricep, my bicep recovers, and when I exercise my bicep, my chest & tricep recovers.

Monday (Chest, tricep)
Tuesday (Bicep)
Wednesday (Chest, tricep)
Thursday (Bicep)
Friday (Chest, tricep)

PS: I do push-ups for my chest, and dumbbells for my tricep and bicep.

Some Workout Routine Tips...

1. 6 to 8 hours is enough sleep per night, but shoot closer to 8 if it's possible for you.

2. It won't matter what time you go to bed...
As long as you are getting rest, that's what really matters.

3. If you like your workout, and it's helping you, then that's a really good reason to keep doing it.

However, from a bodybuilding perspective, and from a long term muscle building perspective, your workout will yield minimum results, unless of course this is a set up that you are looking to do temporarily, with the objective to focus on lagging areas.

The body as a 'whole' requires a day off. Even though you're doing chest and triceps on Monday, and biceps on Tuesday, the body as a whole benefits greatly when you have recovery time. Not just individual body parts, but the entire nervous system.

Short term, your workout may be okay if done for 1 week, tops, nothing more!

Another thing to pay attention to, is that you are spending all of your focus on arms and chest, and not at all on back, shoulders, or legs... You may end up looking disproportionate... Unless of course you add exercises to focus on more than just the 3 parts. Just something to think about.

Instead of doing this...
Monday (Chest, tricep)
Tuesday (Bicep)
Wednesday (Chest, tricep)
Thursday (Bicep)
Friday (Chest, tricep)

Try this...
Chest, Triceps, Abs
Back, Biceps
Shoulders, legs
Or something along those lines...

This way, you are doing more than 3 body parts.

You are still working out frequently as it appears you like to.

You're getting a cardio workout.

And you'll develop more evenly.

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