Workout Session Length

by Toufiq


I lift weights 3 days in a row 90 min sessions and then 1 day off. I workout different muscles each day. Is it good or not?

Many people say 60 min is better but I don't understand how do they burn 2 muscles in a 60 min intense workout session. Within 60 mins I don't feel any burn at all.

The idea is to make your routine so intense that you won't be able to go beyond 60 min, 45 min is even better. If you can go beyond 60 minutes, you should increase your training intensity. In this case we will do only one body part.

Let's say today is chest day... just an example

rest 1 to 2 minutes between sets nothing more.

Exercise 1: Flat dumbbell bench press 3x10 (3 sets x 10 reps)

Exercise 2: Flat dumbbell fly 3x10

Exercise 3: Incline bench press 3x10

Exercise 4: Incline fly 3x10

Exercise 5: Decline bench press: Drop sets

With each one of these exercises you are choosing a weight that doesn't allow you anything more than 10 reps per set. Typically between 8 and 12 reps is a good range.

This will not take anything more than 60 minutes.

After this training day, you should be feeling it the following morning. If you are training hard enough you will not need 90 min sessions and you won't have to train anything more than 4 days a week with weights.

If it feels too easy, bump up the intensity and challenge yourself MORE.

Try moving the weight slower, to fully isolate the muscles.

It should take you 2 to 4 seconds to move the weight either upward or downward. This minimizes momentum and will help you achieve the best muscular contraction.

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