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Workout strategy for growth. Tips for changing your weight lifting routines. Bodybuilding workout for intensity. Workouts you've never tried, using new tricks, and new methods to building muscle.

In your bodybuilding workouts, you probably normally do 3 to 5 sets on different exercises, and you probably do the typical 8 to 12 rep range... Yet, you still are not seeing muscle development or new results?

What you just read, is such a common bodybuilding workout approach. It's nothing new. It's been done a million times!

Doing 3 to 5 sets of around 8 to 12 repetitions on each set isn't necessarily a bad thing, but... If that's all you do, you can expect to see the same results; nothing new, no new bodybuilding gains...

As you become more familiar with weight lifting, you have to graduate to new levels of muscle building intensity.

Stripping the weight on a heavy lift, to maximize muscle building potential! Bodybuilding workout strategy for growth...

On your lifts, for example a barbell press, or bench press, etc... Start out heavy, and try doing as many reps as you can, take a 10 second break, but in that 10 seconds, remove 10 to 20 pounds off from the bar and continue lifting the weight.

Start out heavy, and continuing removing weight from the bar, 1 plate on each side for each set, until there is no weight left.

Once you get down to where there is no weight left, do a burn out set. A burn out set in this case, will be you lifting only the bar for as many times as you can.

Keep in mind, your muscles are all ready fatigued, so lifting the bar will feel heavy at that point.

The trick with this method is to use mostly 5 pound plates and 10 pound plates on each side of the bar. This way, when you are stripping the weight off the bar, you'll be able take off small amounts, and keep going set after set.

How many sets? As many as it takes.

How many reps? Until it hurts, and you're out breath.

So once you've stripped all the weight off the bar, and you feel your muscles are exhausted, take a 3 minute break, pick another exercise, and do it all over again until your workout is over.

A workout at this intensity, and given the fact that there's not much rest involved, you could do this bodybuilding weight lifting method for about 30 to 45 minutes.

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